Got Oil?

Visit Any of Our Solid Waste Sites to Recycle Your Leftover and/or Used Cooking Oil

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Collect your liquid cooking oil
and recycle it!
Your pipes, and the planet
will thank you!

Recycling: How & Why

You play an important role in the recycling process and you are helping Iredell County every time you recycle. The success of the program depends on each of us doing our part for our future environment. A few simple things to remember are:
  1. Know what is recyclable - View a list of recyclables or ask for a brochure at any of the Iredell County recycling locations. Schools and civic groups are offered free programs to teach recycling through this department.
  2. Remember as you collect the materials at home that you should take all lids off (they jam machines), we don’t have to take labels off but it is good to rinse containers out. Papers can include staples and plastic windows.
  3. Always sort each different material into the appropriate bin at the recycling site and please, never put the storage bag or container in the bin too.
  4. When plastic bags or boxes are tossed in with the recyclables someone has to remove them. This is unnecessary labor that can be avoided by removing the materials as they are placed in the bin. When a glass jar is put in the bin to recycle and it still has food in it or we put brown and clear glass in the same bin we contaminate the whole load. A load of glass is about 9 tons and all is lost if there is contamination.
  5. Be sure to always read the signs posted and pay attention to directions and new items recycled. The rules change often as markets for the materials change so keep up to date and help encourage others too.
  6. When we throw away just one can or bottle we are throwing away our precious resources as well as a marketable commodity. We should all be more aware of what we throw away. There is no "away," the trash has to go somewhere.
Please help! We all can make a difference - recycle today!