Junk Mail Terminator

Just Say No To Junk Mail
The following information has been compiled by the North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance. It will help you get off mailing lists and stop unwanted telemarketing calls and email spam.

Not only does junk mail clog the postal system and create a nuisance for you, but it also uses up valuable natural resources and contributes to pollution and litter problems. For every ton of paper generated in the form of junk mail, 17 trees are destroyed. Tons of junk mail is going to landfills around the country every day, depleting precious landfill space.

Mailing Lists
Every time you provide your name and address to receive a product or service, there's a good chance you are being added to one or more mailing lists. When you buy a car, have a baby, make a purchase from a catalog, give money to a charity or fill out a product registration card, your name will likely be entered into a computer database.

Stop the Junk Mail

  • Ask credit card companies and other businesses and organizations with which you do business not to sell, rent or trade your name.
  • Call 888-567-8688 to request credit-reporting firms to delete your name from their mailing list.
  • Send your name and its variations to:
    Mail Preference Service
    Direct Marketing Association
    P.O. Box 282
    Carmel, NY 10512
  • To request that your name and its variations be deleted from the direct mail preference list, send a card to the following address and request that your name and address be removed from their mailing list. Be sure to include your signature along with your request:
    Consumer Assistance
    P.O. Box 249
    Windsor, CT 06905
  • Call the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division of Environmental Assistance and Outreach at 919-707-8200.