Report Missing or Damaged Signs

Road Sign Vandalism & Theft
The Iredell County Facility Services Division is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all Road Name Signs in Iredell County, excluding those in the city limits. Each year, hundreds of road signs must be repaired or replaced due to vandalism and theft. This is a crime that should be taken seriously.

What may seem like harmless fun is actually a destruction that costs tax payers thousands of dollars each year. For each road sign that is stolen or vandalized, taxpayers will pay an estimated $200 to replace that sign. This includes the signage, brackets, posts, labor, and other materials used to secure the blades. In the year 2010, 218 signs were either repaired or replaced.
Road Sign Theft or Vandalism Equals Jail

Report Theft & Vandalism

Road sign theft and vandalism can be prevented. If you see anyone vandalizing or removing a road sign, please call the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office at 704-878-3180. You can submit an online form to report missing or damaged signs. If you have any questions and would like more information, call the Facility Services office at 704-878-3102.