How do I get a septic system site evaluation / permit?
The 1st step in applying for a septic system site evaluation / permit is to come in person to The Central Permitting Office located on the 1st floor of the Building Standards Center at 349 North Center Street (we do not issue zoning permits over the phone). There you will pay a total of $577.25 (this includes a $77.25 zoning fee and $500 for the septic system site evaluation).

There are 3 forms to be completed for Environmental Health, you can fill these out in the office or print them and bring them in. The forms and a copy of your zoning permit will be submitted to the Environmental Health Division.

Please also bring your floor plans for your home if you have them available. If your property is located north of Ostwalt Amity Road, your paperwork will be submitted to the Statesville office, and if your property is South of Ostwalt Amity Road in Iredell County your forms will be submitted to the Mooresville Office. Once your forms are reviewed, you will be placed on a work list and an Environmental Health Specialist will contact you to set up a time to meet you at your property for your soil evaluation.

Please print off the Application for Soil Evaluation (PDF).

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